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Oct. 8th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm Scimonetti's in California.
If anyone is in the L.A. County are or, just in for a visit, you should go to:

Scimonetti's Brass and Woodwind
701 W.Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93534


The website doesn't do them justice!!!! That store is AMAZING!!! They carry EVERY BRAND of saxophone, with at least 5 of each in stock at ALL TIMES!!!!

I have never trusted anyone with my saxophones. I was always worried that they would do more harm than good. But seeing the glowing reviews from the saxontheweb forum I drove over an hour north of L.A. today to Scimonetti's in Lancaster.
If you own a sax/clarinet/flute, live in California, or will be here at ANY time, it is THE PLACE to go.
Jimmy Scimonetti is an amazing repair tech and sax player!!
Since I drove so long, he stood there and personally worked on my sax all day until it was PERFECT!!
I never thought my Serie III would play any better than it did, but Jimmy showed me that with quality tech work, anything is possible. I'm going to take my Ref. 54 in next time I go. I'm also going to have my 20's buescher soprano overhauled when I get the extra cash. Jimmy will customize your horn to your exact specifications or he'll make it just as sweet with his own personal touches. It took him 15 minutes fix every leak my horn had, something that took another shop 2 weeks to do and still wasn't done right.

There is no other store that carries what they do. Saxes by the hundreds in every brand, clarinets and flutes too. You pick a sax off the wall you like, play test it, Jimmy will go and get you 5 more of the exact same thing to try. There are brass and orhestral intruments too. The only other place that has as many music books than them is J.W. Pepper. You get the best of both worlds at Scimonetti's.

They carry every brand of reed and mouthpiece made. I found the sweetest Jody Jazz hard rubber piece and they are the ONLY shop I have ever seen carry the Strathon Ajustatone. That thing is incredible. I just wish I had had more cash with me. When you go there, you HAVE to try the Ajustatone.

The repair prices are VERY reasonable for the extraordinary quality of work they do. They will match ANY product price on the internet also. That is something incredible, to think that a small mom and pop place can compete with the big, we don't give a crap about our customers, companies. *cough* wwbw *cough*

Customer service like Scimonetti's doesn't exist anymore! I was blown away when I walked into the shop, every single employee said hi and then Jimmy dropped EVERYTHING he was doing to work on my sax! He adjusted it exactly how I wanted it and even did things that I didn't know it needed.
They will bend over backwards to make you happy and then some. He treats every customer as if they were his best. Professional to student, they don't make a distinction. Everyone is treated with the same amount of respect and honesty. The attention to detail is mind boggling too.

Scimonetti's will save you so much money on repairs and all the other products they carry, you will never want or need to go to another shop.

I even got to meet Paul 'Shilts" Weimer. He's really cool. Jimmy showed me the entire shop and even who owned what horn he was working on. There was one from a horn player from Tower of Power. (I am really bad with names so I've forgotten nearly every name he mentioned.)

Even if gas goes up to $5 a gallon, I'll still make the drive to Scimonetti's. From now on, all my reeds, mouthpieces, any music product and saxophones will come from there. I'm so done with any other music shop.

I can't say enough good things about this place. I'm just astonished at the quality and integrity. It's nice to have people who still care about what they do.
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