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Oct. 7th, 2005 @ 02:15 pm Howdy.
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Current Music: Paul Desmond- Cool Imagination
Hey there all. My name is Amy. I’ve been playing sax since 13 and am currently 24.

My current setups include:
Selmer Reference 54 Alto
Super Session with BG France Traditional Lig. (Soloist when the stock comes in.)
Alexander D.C. #3
Selmer Serie III Tenor
Meyer 7* (looking for a new piece atm, thinking Soloist also.) with BG France Traditional Lig.
Alexander Classique #3 and D.C.'s #3
Buescher TruTone Soprano

I also play flute and clarinet, until someone realizes that saxophone is a legitimate musical instrument and we don't need to double. See there be that sarcasm I’m know for. :)
Some might see me as the typical sax player/band geek, some might not. I’m pretty open minded, hopefully my brain won’t ooze out my ears. Saxophone and music are what I do. I can be goofy, EXTREMELY sarcastic, but also really nice and fun to talk to. Ever want to talk music, I'm around. Post or whatever all these lovely LJ peeps do to chat. :)
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