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Sep. 22nd, 2005 @ 04:22 pm Yani 992 Bronze
I purchased a Yanigasawa 992 Bronze and absolutely love it! So much more than I expected! Yani alto's have never had a good reputation--and for good reason too, they weren't good! The bari's, tenors, and sopranos are outstanding and with the new renovated 992 bronze I just have to add it to the list of being great.

Does anyone else play on a 992 bronze?

I would recomend it to the world. It's amazing. The intonation is fabulous. Overtones and altisimo sing. The aesthics are great. The technique is just as good as the other sizes Yani makes.

I play on a caravan mouthpiece with it and just get a gorgeous tone. Very good purchase. AND it's not as expensive as those Selmers and such.

Yes, I have played all of those. And yes, I don't like them as much. The only sax I'd stick in comparison with is the Keilwerth but only because you could possibly get a larger more resonant sound out of the horn (depending on mouthpiece.. i doubt you could ever get as big of a sound with a C*). But the unfortunate thing for Keilwerths is that they are totally inconsistant and unless you have a lot of time and money to spend trying them out and sending them back constantly then I recomend the Yani 992 at the get go. Japanese techs are very consistant in precision so you dont need to try out alot.

Hmm. Yes, that was my post.
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